A Comprehensive Review of Ava Therese Scrubs

A Comprehensive Review of Ava Therese Scrubs Comfort Style and Functiona

Finding the ideal scrub brand can be difficult, and this brand stands out for their high quality scrubs, adorable styles, and comfortable fabric.

These 4-way stretch jeans feature a premium feel thanks to a blend of polyester, rayon and spandex in a ratio of 74/20/6 which gives them a modern lean fit with cargo pockets for convenience.


Ava Therese scrubs are designed to move with you throughout your busy shift. Their four way stretch fabric keeps you feeling comfortable throughout the day while fade resistant fabrics help ensure professional attire even after extended wear.

Ava Therese was launched during the pandemic with the goal of adding energy and style to your day with medical uniforms that work hard alongside you. Ava Therese offers fashion forward styles from T-shirts to trousers as well as all of your scrub accessories needs.

This figure-hugging mock wrap V-neck top is a bestseller at our store, boasting two on seam pockets with zipper closure, an ID zipper pocket, and back rib knit to hem for maximum comfort and functionality. This piece offers both fashion and functionality!

Add some vibrant pops of color to your wardrobe with these women’s printed scrub tops from Olympus Medical. Made of soft yet stretchy poly/spandex material, they keep you cool and comfortable – pair it with solid T-shirts or long-sleeve scrub tops to create your own personal style!

Julie Schragin, Ava Therese’s designer, began her career designing ready to wear fashion clothing before transitioning into scrub design when offered the chance. Since then she has become an experienced scrub designer, entrepreneur, and mother of three children.


Ava Therese was conceptualized by designer Julie Schragin – an industry veteran specializing in casual womenswear design who made women feel their best and look their best. Although Julie never intended to design scrubs specifically, when the economy crashed she gave it a go and has enjoyed every minute of it! Ten years later and Ava Therese remains her brainchild!

Sleek seaming gives this ladies’ scrub tee an attractive silhouette, while side knit panels add flair and an ID pocket is handy. Pair it with solid scrub tops for an office uniform look or wear it over printed scrub tops to brighten up your day!

These comfy jogger pants were created to get you through even your toughest shifts, featuring synergy stretch fabric that’s both breathable and supersoft. Their wide waistband offers a contemporary fit while pockets have been strategically positioned for easy access when on the move.


Scrubs, commonly referred to as theater blues, are the sanitary clothing worn by hospital staff in operating rooms and other clinical environments. Light-colored to hide blood or other body fluids from view, scrubs allow medical personnel to move quickly without being restricted by long lab coats or gowns; and often used in veterinarian clinics and dental offices where cross contamination concerns exist.

Julie Schragin began her career designing ready-to-wear fashion clothing for women before taking on the challenge of designing scrubs. Once she took on this endeavor, Julie discovered she loved not only designing scrubs but also being able to add style and fashion into an otherwise mundane uniform.

United States hospitals typically equip nurses with scrubs for patient care in most hospitals. Originally worn by surgeons and other operating room staff to sterilize themselves before surgery, surgeons called them scrubs as patients were also called “patients.” Scrubs are lightweight, simple (with few hidden places for contaminants to hide), easy to launder, and affordable replacement options if they become damaged beyond repair.

Today, most hospitals still require their employees to wear scrubs at work. Some even enforce stricter dress code policies that mandate scrubs or other professional medical attire for certain jobs or specializations – anesthesiologists might wear colored scrubs as part of a procedure while other doctors might have more neutral hues like white or light green required for them to work effectively.


Ava Therese Scrubs offer great value. Their attention to detail and being designed by Julie Schragin – who previously designed ready-to-wear fashion before she ventured into scrub design – speak volumes about their quality. For example, their Lily Tee features sleek seaming for an flattering silhouette, while the long sleeve scrub tee was made specifically with healthcare professionals in mind, offering comfort and durability at work while offering endless pattern possibilities that let you customize a uniform look uniquely your own.